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Dr. Unmacht has been a licensed psychologist in Arizona for over 40 years. He has long standing experience having treated thousands of people over that period of time. He has been in private practice in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. He is also a member of the American Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychological Association

Dr. Unmacht provides psychological services for a variety of individuals which include individual counseling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, marital counseling and family counseling as well as evaluations.

He provides counseling and psychotherapy for individuals coping with stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, trauma, marital and family difficulties, sexual dysfunction and addictions. Issues related to self-esteem and self worth, identity, relationship difficulties and communication issues are additionally treated.

Dr. Unmacht believes it is necessary to provide a safe and comfortable environment where people are able to develop trust so that they can find relief from the various upsets they may be struggling with. Also there is the goal that in the end they develop a better and stronger sense of themselves. This will leave them feeling hopeful that life can and does provide meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment and that they can obtain their goals and improve their relationships.

It is within this safe therapeutic connection between Dr. Unmacht and the person that healing, recovery, personal growth, and self esteem develop. The person discusses his or her struggles and upsets which become clarified and understood during therapy sessions. As the individual becomes clearer on how he or she thinks and feels about issues that he may be struggling with from within and/or from outside himself in, for example, his family, work, or social environment there begins to emerge patterns and connections in the person's emotional and intellectual experience. It is from the person's experiencing these patterns and connections that change emerges. New coping skills develop. The quality of connectedness with others changes because as a person begins to know himself better, he has a better ability to manage his needs, conflicts, and motivations. As this happens he is able to understand and change his relationships with significant others, friends and co-workers.

Most people seek counseling or psychotherapy when their usual attempts to deal or handle problems with themselves and/or others begin to stop working. Thus, when the old mechanisms for coping or when attempts to block important emotional material no longer work, they seek help. This situation often occurs when their is a stressful event in ones life such as a trauma, divorce, separation, loss of a job, addiction, death and/or loss. Many people come to therapy because they have experienced difficulties in relationships.

Dr. Unmacht uses a variety of theoretical and technical approaches which include interpersonal, intersubjective, relational, CBT, psychodynamic and self-psychology.

Dr. Unmacht is a provider for a wide variety of insurance companies including Medicare. His non-insurance fee is $150 per session with the availability of a sliding fee scale for those who cannot afford this fee.

His office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm and he is located at 4300 N. Miller Road, Suite 110 Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251. His phone number is 480-949-9133 and his email address is

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